Syed Humza Shah


Hands-on engineering leader. Expertise in backend scalability during hypergrowth. Interested in solving complex technical problems. Passionate about mentorship and organizational culture. Runs on a combination of optimism and pragmatism.

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How software engineers can be nicer to other software engineers

The following will help:

  1. Make your code / systems / metrics self-explanatory. Reduce the need for other engineers to ask you questions.

  2. Answer questions for systems you own. Get answers for such systems when you don’t have them.

  3. Link documents close to relevant systems. Runbooks / playbooks as part of alert descriptions, architecture diagrams as part of repository, tickets to pull requests, etc.

  4. Respect the time of others:

    • Ask questions when you’re stuck. But demonstrate that you made an effort to investigate.
    • Don’t schedule meetings for what can be resolved asynchronously on messaging systems.
    • Don’t attend meetings unprepared.
  5. Demonstrate that you respect the time of others.