Syed Humza Shah


Hands-on engineering leader. Expertise in backend scalability during hypergrowth. Interested in solving complex technical problems. Passionate about mentorship and organizational culture. Runs on a combination of optimism and pragmatism.

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The futility of "I told you so!" in software engineering teams

Ever had the urge to use one of these during a post-mortem meeting?

“I told you so!”

“I told them that this would happen!”

“Should’ve listened to me - this design was never going to scale!”

If yes, then fight that urge!

Your audience will not marvel at your foresight. You will not be hailed as a tech god. And, most importantly, you will not be contributing to any solutions.

Your “I told you so” only highlights that you need to construct stronger arguments.

In today’s increasingly data-driven teams, managers and leaders rely on team members to construct clear, concise, factual, and data-driven arguments.

If your past warnings were ignored and you do not feel that there are any politics / biases / prejudices in active play, it is time to introspect, reflect, and ask:

“How will I make my case differently next time?”